Since our inception in 2001, the Susquehanna Wrestling Organization (SWO) has been determined to provide quality Professional Wrestling events to our amazing fans, 
 The SWO Faithful! 
Based out of Central York in the beautiful state of Pennsylvania, the action-packed, affordable, and downright amazing events sWo has to offer have garnered fans from all over the northeast! With The Wolfman at the helm, The SWO promises to provide a family-friendly and exciting night of entertainment for wrestling’s greatest fans. 
Many times over the the past 20 years, hundreds to thousands of screaming, energetic wrestling fans have gathered to create infectious crowds in Seven Valleys, Red Lion, Lancaster, and at various outdoor fundraiser events! Pennsylvania has the greatest wrestling fans in the world, and we hope you decide to join the fray and become a loyal member of The SWO Faithful! 
The SWO takes great pride in its roster of talented athletes. SWO mainstays such as The Wolfman, Ken Andrews, Simon Ryme, and Trent Farrell have united with a new breed featuring names like Tim Rush, Ace Dallas, Merrick Miami, Vicious Van Valley, Prince Piranha, DawgNation, Benny Slater, and so many more to bring a locally sourced roster like no other!! Our amazing wrestlers want nothing more than to give you a show worth watching every time the ring is put up, and that’s exactly what happens at The SWO! 
Along with our homegrown roster, we have been graced by wrestling legends such as Ted DiBiase, Nunzio, Shane Douglas, and Nikolai Volkoff and current superstars in the wrestling business such as Matt Sydal, Tony Deppen, Sonny Kiss, Moose, Jonathan Gresham, and Mike Orlando! We provide it all at The SWO! 
With unpredictable twists and turns, engaging stories, and unbelievable, eclectic in-ring action, SWO is one of the premiere wrestling organizations in Pennsylvania! Next time we are in the area, come on out and be ready to lose your voice after cheering our determined heroes and booing our dastardly villains in a night of action you won’t soon forget! See you at bell time! ​​​​​​​
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